Monday, September 15, 2014


Putorino is a small village between Napier and Wairoa. There is a school with only 10 children in it. Putorino is a very hilly part of the country.
98 years ago this school was built and in 2016 we will be celebrating our 100 year anniversary.  All the children that go there are amazing including the teacher. We have a swimming pool that is on the field.
Putorino is the Maori name for flute.
On the side of the school there areMaori patterns.  The school is green and blue all over.  We have kereru and tui out in our trees. In the corner of the grounds there is a white turkey.


  1. Really enjoyed working with you girls today. I love the way you took your own photos and wrote about them. This is a great way to improve writing skills.

  2. What a great description of your wonderful school!

  3. What a cool school you have!! Lucky:)